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    How do we define Micro-Training?

    Micro-training is bite-size, single-concept learning for today’s short-attention-span workforce.

    Micro-training is:

    • Relevant because you’re addressing urgent skills in the moment of need
    • Sustainable because you can easily revisit single-concept learning, which is what makes it stick.
    • Practical because you can access training 24/7/365 on any device.


    What’s unique about our approach?

    RLI is the only online training company that combines:

    • Research: Micro-videos backed by academic and institutional research on the psychology of influence and persuasion.
    • Single-concept learning: Videos designed to focus on one concept, change one behavior and achieve one outcome.
    • Rapid learning: Videos are 5-7 minutes long. Perfect for self-directed learning. Perfect individual and group coaching tools for managers.


    Learn how to use Micro-Training