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    Product Description

    Prospecting is often considered the most time-consuming and challenging stage of the sales process. How do you find the right people? And once you’ve found them, how do make them want to listen to your message?

    This Quick Take Package includes five research-based micro-videos that address those two challenges. You will learn how to cope with call reluctance and discover a technique for burrowing into organizations and finding the decision maker. And you’ll learn three different techniques for crafting messages that will persuade qualified buyers to talk to you.

    The videos included in this package are:
    1. Cold Calling: Nail the First 20 Seconds
      Cold-call reluctance plagues many salespeople. That’s no surprise, because when you do cold-calling the wrong way you get repeatedly rejected, which takes a huge toll on morale. The good news is that there’s a right way to cold call that dramatically reduces the likelihood that you’ll be rejected, which means you’ll make more calls, keep the sales funnel full, and close more deals. The key: It’s all in the way you handle the first 20 seconds of the call. In just nine minutes, this Quick Take will show you a proven technique that’ll turn your attitude about cold-calling on its head.
    2. Prospecting: How to Get Buyers to Hear Your Message
      In prospecting, the first and biggest challenge that every salesperson faces is getting people to pay attention. Prospects seem to have a bulletproof armor that deflects even the most compelling sales propositions. In this Quick Take, you will learn the concept of “buying schema” – a key reason why prospects tune out your message, when it’s a good idea not to meet buyers’ expectations and how to get buyers to really listen to what you’re saying.
    3. Overcoming Call Reluctance
      These days, there are lots of new ways to reach out to prospects. But to establish a connection, qualify a customer and win share of mind, nothing replaces an actual person-to-person phone call. The problem is, most sales professional suffer from call reluctance that limits their effectiveness. In this Quick Take, you will learn the psychological basis of call reluctance, why traditional approaches to dealing with it often backfire and steps you can take to overcome it.
    4. Prospecting: A Simple Way to Find Your Best Leads - Without Cold-Calling
      So many prospects, so little time. For most salespeople, the biggest challenge in prospecting is finding ways to spend more time in front of qualified prospects and less time hunting them down. In this Quick Take you will learn a prospecting technique that helps you quickly generate warm leads that are more likely to lead to a sale – even when you don’t know a soul in the organization you’re targeting. You’ll learn who to start with, what to say (hint, it isn’t about your product and service), and why it’s a good thing that most of the people you reach out to will ignore you.
    5. Voice Mail: Crafting a Message that Makes Prospects Want to Talk to You
      Did you know that only about one in four business calls result in a live conversation. Nearly all the rest go into voice mail. Given those statistics, it’s pretty clear that every salesperson who prospects by phone needs a strategy for voice mail. In this Quick Take, you will learn what you’re really selling in your voice mail message (it isn’t your product or your service), why the best messages intentionally leave out critical information and three rules that will make your voice mail messages more effective.

    This package includes

    For each of the Micro-Training videos, you'll also get:

    This product includes a Micro-Training Video, Quiz, Discussion Guide, & Summary Sheet
    Quiz (& Quiz Answer Guide)

    Prove that the learner(s) understand the concept and increase knowledge retention.

    Discussion Guide

    Facilitate a discussion, connecting the concept to your unique challenges.

    Summary Sheet

    Revisit the concept as follow-up or in the moment-of-need.

    How do you use this?

    Multi-video packages are for companies that want to take a deep dive into a single skill area. Each package contains several carefully chosen videos that create an extended learning path. Devoting two to three months to exploring a topic from multiple angles results in more sustained engagement in training, better knowledge retention, and more effective deployment on the job.

    To kick start Micro-Meetings

    Micro-training makes it easy for managers to facilitate meetings where teams develop shared vocabulary and benefit from peer learning.

    To kick start one-on-one coaching

    Micro-training is extremely tactical and it’s a great tool to help managers frame very specific, skill-based coaching interactions.

    As self-directed learning

    Micro-videos are a solution to a specific skill challenge. For example: “How to handle an employee who has a bad attitude,” or “How to handle a price objection.” You have a question. You find the right micro-video. You watch it on your own. You deploy the skill on the job.