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    Product Description

    Most supervisors can recognize cases of blatant sexual harassment – where, for instance, an employee makes a crude or threatening advance. Or where an employee touches another in a way that’s clearly out of bounds. But what about those less obvious cases? In this Quick Take you will learn the difference between “quid pro quo” and “hostile environment” sexual harassment. Why sexual harassment doesn’t need to target a specific person. How “victimless” sexual banter can trigger lawsuits. Why actions that are completely non-sexual in nature can be construed as sexual harassment and the “reasonable person” standard for determining what is, and isn’t, sexual harassment.

      This product includes

      This product includes a Micro-Training Video, Quiz, Discussion Guide, & Summary Sheet
      Micro-Training Video

      Learn a single behavior-changing insight in just 5- to 7-minutes.

      Quiz (& Quiz Answer Guide)

      Prove that the learner(s) understand the concept and increase knowledge retention.

      Discussion Guide

      Facilitate a discussion, connecting the concept to your unique challenges.

      Summary Sheet

      Revisit the concept as follow-up or in the moment-of-need.

      How do you use this?

      To kick start Micro-Meetings

      Micro-training makes it easy for managers to facilitate meetings where teams develop shared vocabulary and benefit from peer learning.

      To kick start one-on-one coaching

      Micro-training is extremely tactical and it’s a great tool to help managers frame very specific, skill-based coaching interactions.

      As self-directed learning

      Micro-videos are a solution to a specific skill challenge. For example: “How to handle an employee who has a bad attitude,” or “How to handle a price objection.” You have a question. You find the right micro-video. You watch it on your own. You deploy the skill on the job.