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    Product Description

    Above-average salespeople excel at all stages of the sales process. But the very best master the art of locking down the deal. This Quick Take Package includes five research-based micro-videos that explore the psychology of closing. You’ll learn: The critical importance of timing the close; an unconventional response when the prospect says, ‘Let me sleep on it”; how to get the internal buy-in that can make or break the sale; and two surprising insights into handling last-minute price objections.

    The videos included in this package are:
    1. Negotiations: Should You Justify Your Price?
      Salespeople are often taught to provide a reason when they ask a customer for something – to agree to a meeting, to provide a referral, or to buy a product. That advice is rooted in a well-known research which found that people are more likely to agree to a request if it’s accompanied by a reason. But a deeper dive into the study results tells another story. In this Quick Take you will learn why this widely cited study about negotiations is often misunderstood – and how it can lead salespeople astray, when it makes sense to offer an explanation or justification to a request – and when it doesn’t, and the best thing to say after you put your initial offer on the table.
    2. Tough Negotiations: How to Hold Your Ground with a Price Bully
      We’ve all faced customers and prospects that pride themselves on how hard they can squeeze their vendors. But this approach only works when you let them get away with it. The secret is taking control of the negotiation so that customers see that you won’t be pushed around. In this Quick Take, you will learn how to get what you deserve in a negotiation without becoming defensive or confrontational; and why you shouldn’t be too quick to solve problems that seem to be standing in the way of the sale.
    3. Closing the Sale: When the Buyer Wants to Sleep on It
      There are plenty of sales where you shouldn’t let a customer out of your sight long enough to change their mind. But in complex sales nobody expects buyers to make an on-the-spot decision. At some point, buyers are going to go away and think about it. In this Quick take, you’ll learn what buyers REALLY dream about when they “sleep on it”, why you SHOULDN’T focus too much on your product or service during this critical period, and what you DO want to get your buyer thinking about instead.
    4. How to Help Prospects Get the Internal Buy-in They Need to Close the Deal
      Let’s face it: You can’t force your way into a closed-door meeting if the buyer doesn’t want you there. The harder you push, the more the buyer’s defenses go up. And before you know it, you’ve gone from trusted advisor to obnoxious pushy salesperson. But even if you’re locked out of that meeting, you can still have a powerful influence over what happens during the discussion. And you can do it without stepping out of your role as the buyer’s advisor. In this Quick Take, you will learn how to influence the buying decision – even when you’ve been locked out of the process, and the key question you must ask when the buyer says, “I’ll have to talk this over with the team”.
    5. Closing time: When’s It Best to Ask for the Sale?
      In this Quick Take, you will learn the best time to close a sale, the concept of “ego depletion” – and how it relates to time of day and how ego depletion can sap your customer’s ability to make critical decisions, including buying decisions.

    This package includes

    For each of the Micro-Training videos, you'll also get:

    This product includes a Micro-Training Video, Quiz, Discussion Guide, & Summary Sheet
    Quiz (& Quiz Answer Guide)

    Prove that the learner(s) understand the concept and increase knowledge retention.

    Discussion Guide

    Facilitate a discussion, connecting the concept to your unique challenges.

    Summary Sheet

    Revisit the concept as follow-up or in the moment-of-need.

    How do you use this?

    Multi-video packages are for companies that want to take a deep dive into a single skill area. Each package contains several carefully chosen videos that create an extended learning path. Devoting two to three months to exploring a topic from multiple angles results in more sustained engagement in training, better knowledge retention, and more effective deployment on the job.

    To kick start Micro-Meetings

    Micro-training makes it easy for managers to facilitate meetings where teams develop shared vocabulary and benefit from peer learning.

    To kick start one-on-one coaching

    Micro-training is extremely tactical and it’s a great tool to help managers frame very specific, skill-based coaching interactions.

    As self-directed learning

    Micro-videos are a solution to a specific skill challenge. For example: “How to handle an employee who has a bad attitude,” or “How to handle a price objection.” You have a question. You find the right micro-video. You watch it on your own. You deploy the skill on the job.