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    Product Description

    For salespeople, the ability to build long-term relationships is the ultimate competitive advantage. This Quick Take Package includes five research-based micro-videos that reveal strategies for: establishing credibility by showing worthy intent; connecting with multiple influencers within an account; and engaging in ongoing needs dialogue to ensure you sustain the relationship.

    The videos included in this package are:
    1. Establishing Credibility: Putting the Buyer’s Interests First
      As the world grows more complex, buyers want sellers who do more than educate them on their products or services. They’re looking for someone who can lead them through uncharted waters. They’re looking for someone who knows the way – and that they can trust. As an expert on what you sell, you probably have the knowledge. But when it comes to the trust part, you face a tough hurdle: Buyers know that you’re there to make a sale. They worry that you’ll use your knowledge to serve your interests, not theirs. In this Quick Take, you will learn why it’s important to demonstrate your credibility as early in the relationship as you can, an approach that can help you win your buyer’s trust – starting with your very first meeting, and the one thing that can demolish that credibility in an instant.
    2. Deep Conversations: How to Create Stronger Connections with Buyers, Prospects and Others
      We’ve all experienced dead-end conversations. We’ve also experienced Deep Conversations – encounters that create a sense of connection with someone, where we walk away feeling, “Wow. We really understand each other.” Those are the conversations you want to have with buyers. Deep Conversations can help you understand what motivates buyers and prospects, so you can better serve their needs. They can help you establish trust. And they can help you move beyond the role of vendor and forge deeper relationships. In this Quick Take, you will learn how to lead Deep Conversations – exchanges that get buyers, prospects and others to trust you and reveal what really matters to them.
    3. Building Relationships: Get the First Meeting Right
      Sure, there will always be some customers who just want a price, a handshake and a goodbye. But in the vast majority of cases, at the initial meeting, the prospect isn’t looking for solutions! What? Wait a minute. Isn’t that what sales is all about – providing solutions? Yes. But not right away. In this Quick Take, you’ll learn what a prospect REALLY wants from that initial meeting, the BIGGEST mistake you can make during your first meeting with a prospect (and yes, Ike made it), and all about ROC: Rapport, Objectives, Credibility – a process that ensures your first meeting with a client won’t be your last.
    4. 'Just Okay' Customer Relationships: How to Make Them Deeper and More Profitable
      In this Quick Take, you will learn a counterintuitive approach that can help you connect with buyers who keep their distance, the psychological principle that makes this approach work, and what this counterintuitive truth reveals about how we make personal connections.
    5. Internal Networking: How In-house Relationships Help You Make More Sales
      For most people, success at work depends on how well they work with others within the organization. But salespeople are different. Their focus is outside the organization. So it’s easy to conclude that time spent in the office is wasted. But research says that salespeople who build strong relationships inside their organizations serve their buyers better, and win more and larger sales. In this Quick Take, you will learn the power of "internal networks" – your relationships within your organization – and how they help you win sales, why these networks help you deliver more value to your customers and the two kinds of internal networks you need to cultivate.

    This package includes

    For each of the Micro-Training videos, you'll also get:

    This product includes a Micro-Training Video, Quiz, Discussion Guide, & Summary Sheet
    Quiz (& Quiz Answer Guide)

    Prove that the learner(s) understand the concept and increase knowledge retention.

    Discussion Guide

    Facilitate a discussion, connecting the concept to your unique challenges.

    Summary Sheet

    Revisit the concept as follow-up or in the moment-of-need.

    How do you use this?

    Multi-video packages are for companies that want to take a deep dive into a single skill area. Each package contains several carefully chosen videos that create an extended learning path. Devoting two to three months to exploring a topic from multiple angles results in more sustained engagement in training, better knowledge retention, and more effective deployment on the job.

    To kick start Micro-Meetings

    Micro-training makes it easy for managers to facilitate meetings where teams develop shared vocabulary and benefit from peer learning.

    To kick start one-on-one coaching

    Micro-training is extremely tactical and it’s a great tool to help managers frame very specific, skill-based coaching interactions.

    As self-directed learning

    Micro-videos are a solution to a specific skill challenge. For example: “How to handle an employee who has a bad attitude,” or “How to handle a price objection.” You have a question. You find the right micro-video. You watch it on your own. You deploy the skill on the job.