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    Product Description

    FMLA and military leave requests often leave managers feeling confused and vulnerable. The legal rules are complex, but courts come down hard on employers who get them wrong. This Quick Take package gives managers clear, step-by-step guidance on how to respond and alerts them to common misperceptions and manager mistakes.

    The videos included in this package are:
    1. Intermittent FMLA Leave: Techniques to Manage and Control It
      Most managers and supervisors realize that employees have the legal right to take FMLA Intermittent leave. And, more often than not, they’re sympathetic to the employee’s situation. At the same time, team leaders have to produce results -- and that can be challenging when workers can’t make it in. So how can managers and supervisors reduce disruption when a well-intentioned employee must take intermittent leave. In this Quick Take, you’ll learn three ways to manage intermittent FMLA leave – without interfering with employees’ rights.
    2. FMLA Certification: What Every Manager Must Know
      Most workers play by the rules when it comes to FMLA. But there are some who take unfair advantage of FMLA and sooner or later you’ll have to deal with them. In this Quick Take, you’ll learn the #1 mistake that will get you sued over employee abuse of FMLA intermittent leave, the three rules you must know to legally deal with intermittent leave abuse, and how to handle employees who try to game the system.
    3. Employees on Military Duty - What Every Supervisor Must Know
      USERRA places demands on your organization that go beyond other forms of leave, such as FMLA leave or short-term disability. In this Quick Take, you will learn what USERRA requires that you do when people with military obligations apply for jobs, what it requires you to do for current employees with military obligations, and what’s required when employees return to work from military service. You’ll also learn what you can require of employees with military commitments, and three common ways supervisors violate USERRA without meaning to.

    This package includes

    For each of the Micro-Training videos, you'll also get:

    This product includes a Micro-Training Video, Quiz, Discussion Guide, & Summary Sheet
    Quiz (& Quiz Answer Guide)

    Prove that the learner(s) understand the concept and increase knowledge retention.

    Discussion Guide

    Facilitate a discussion, connecting the concept to your unique challenges.

    Summary Sheet

    Revisit the concept as follow-up or in the moment-of-need.

    How do you use this?

    Multi-video packages are for companies that want to take a deep dive into a single skill area. Each package contains several carefully chosen videos that create an extended learning path. Devoting two to three months to exploring a topic from multiple angles results in more sustained engagement in training, better knowledge retention, and more effective deployment on the job.

    To kick start Micro-Meetings

    Micro-training makes it easy for managers to facilitate meetings where teams develop shared vocabulary and benefit from peer learning.

    To kick start one-on-one coaching

    Micro-training is extremely tactical and it’s a great tool to help managers frame very specific, skill-based coaching interactions.

    As self-directed learning

    Micro-videos are a solution to a specific skill challenge. For example: “How to handle an employee who has a bad attitude,” or “How to handle a price objection.” You have a question. You find the right micro-video. You watch it on your own. You deploy the skill on the job.